I’m a Woman

I’m a woman born into a world that has told her from the time she breathed her first breath of air out of her mother’s womb that she was a Princess. I was taught that I was a Princess and that Prince Charming would come and rescue me. I was taught that Princesses are beautiful and kind to any and everyone. My definition of beauty was taught to me by a society who taught that women are sexual objects and must look a certain way in order to be “beautiful”. A woman must be a certain weight, her curves must be proportional and they must be much larger than her waist which needs to be exceptionally small in order to be “beautiful”. Her eyes need to glow and her teeth need to align perfectly as they glisten like diamonds. She will need to be kind to each person she meets no matter how she is treated by the other because she is not as important as whomever she is interacting with. I’m taking off my mask today. The mask I made to fit in with who society told me I am. I’m discovering myself without my mask. I’m naked and vulnerable but I am no longer a slave to society’s standards. I am a Woman. I am a Warrior. I am not a Princess who needs to be rescued. I am BEAUTIFUL.